Thursday, 17 April 2014

Jelang Mahasiswa Tingkat Akhir

"Semester berapa?"
"Wah sudah tahun ke-tiga?"
"Iya ya, tidak terasa..."


Selamat mengerjakan (dan menyusun) tugas akhir.
Berdiskusi dengan dosen pembimbing.
Dengan pengajar lainnya, senior, kawan, serta sahabat.

Selamat (lebih sering) mengunjungi perpustakan.
Menelusuri halaman demi halaman buku diktat, jurnal, skripsi, tesis, disertasi.

Selamat ber-surfing di area-area yang menyediakan wifi.
Menyusuri situs-situs penyedia data.
Penyedia jurnal maupun literature review.

Semoga karya Anda bukan hanya menjadi pra-syarat lulus.


Thursday, 12 May 2011

Are you interested in the student exchange program?

Now a days, the students' desire to join the student exchange program is increasing. There are lots of students join the student exchange program which is held in their own country (usually from one province to another province) or the student exchange program which is held between countries.

There are student exchange program such as AFS year program, YES program, JENESYS, etc. They select student that has good qualification and skill. It means that the student who join in such kind of program is chosen student for he/she has to fit to the requirements of the program.

Being a student exchange,
we'll learn a lot about the world outside us. We aren't just stuck in the place where we were belonged but we can learn how we live in another place such as living in other province or even abroad.

We can learn new language. Indonesia consists of more than 13,000 big and small islands. If we join student exchange program which is held in our own country, we'll sent to one of the islands which is also has different mother language, for example Javanese with their Javanese language, Papua people with their own language, etc. And if we join student exchange program which is held abroad we'll learn a new language depends on the country we'll be sent to. Maybe if we're sent to Malaysia, we won't have a lot of trouble in learning the language, because the Malaysian language is quite same with us. But if we're sent to the country which has a totally different language -maybe if we're sent to Italy-, we have no choise except that we have to learn the language in order to communicate and understand what they want to say.

We can learn about culture and lifestyle. Community which lives in one place may have different culture and lifestyle. We can learn the culture and the lifestyle by living and communicating with the members of society.

We can get a new family and learn about family values. If the program includes a home-stay program, we have to stay in one family. There we can learn about how to live in such family, to communicate and adapt the new surrounding.

We can learn how to stand in our own feet and also how to live far from our own family.

On the other hand,
we have to love our own country and our culture. So, if we join student exchange program, we might be influenced by other culture that means that we'll follow their lifestyle.

The education system in each country is different. So, it'll make us difficult to adapt in the new environment. And when the students can adapt the new environment, they'll have difficulty to adapt their previous environment when they're back to their own school.

Student exchange program is a good program to prepare us to be the society of the world. But we have to filter the things that we have learned from other countries which can be applied in our own country and we have to left assign the things which is not suitable to be used in our country.

nb. mrs. lis 's task. discussion.